The story of
Hans van der Weide.

The road is the destination

As an engineer with a qualification in Fisheries Science from the University of Wageningen, Hans van der Weide has been the quality manager of Kennemervis Group for many years. He is our rock, with lots of knowlege and contacts in the world of quality. Hans is meticulous and thinks his words though thoroughly. This is probably a necessity for someone who deals with quality as the process does not happen overnight.

“It is very important that all employees in all layers of the organisaion are aware of the importance of quality and sustainability.”
“It is more of a road than a destination” as Hans describes quality management in almost taoist wisdom. Hans goes to work target focused “it is never finished, and that is why you cannot see quality as a goal on its own”. He uses the quality care system as his ‘tool’ in order to master quality.

Securing rules and norms
He says that in the olden days there was already attention to quality, but no register for securing or measuring rules and norms. Sometimes people see this as tiring, but registrations are incredibly important in order to be able to analyse things and use as proof later on.

Quality is a broad term
“Until now quality care was mainly concerned with food safety and product quality in the wider sense, but quality is becoming an ever more broader term. Think about customer satisfaction, sustainability, continuity, ‘food defense’ and ‘food fraud’. One is connected to the other. For example, without attention to sustainability, continuity could be put in danger.”

Sustainable quality
If you look at sustainable quality in particular, we have already made a lot of steps and so a large share of what we buy in is sustainable (MSC) fish. By purchasing sustainable fish, we are ensuring that there will still be fish in the future; continuity. We also plan journeys for our lorries economically.  Sustainability is also looking at the efficiency of other steps in the process.

Our staff must be able to develop
We are also working on sustainability and continuity by paying attention to staff and their developement; by working on long term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Clear communication about company policy and objectives ensures that it is clear where we want to get to and that together we keep following the right path.

A common manual
Hans lists the exchanging of knowledge between the different disciplines as an important way of working together within the Kennemervis Group. He started by bringing together employees from the quality department from the different locations and organisations and a result of which was the common manual. Bringing people back together is in his blood: if there is a dispute between the companies, he acts as a peace keeper between them in order to put things back on track.

Future perspective
Hans cannot say this enough: “it is very important that all employees in all layers of the organisaion are aware of the importance of quality and sustainability. It is essential to keep them motivated, for example by sharing good results that we have achieved as far as sustainable quality is concened.  Lots of nice things happen already and it is important that everyone feels involved.”

sustainable quality

“We are producers of a solution.”