Who are we?

FishPartners is a fish wholesaler offering a variety of fish products and are in the middle of the country in the fisherman’s heart of Spakenburg. Daily fish auctions take place across the Netherlands and Europe. We import frozen products from all over the world. FishPartners is particularly well known for its quality maties herring and smoked fish because of our close cooperation with our Danish sister company Werner Larsson. In our own smokery in Urk, fresh mackerel and other fish are smoked to make delicious products .

We make use of widespread distribution and have our own fleet of lorries and our own drivers. With these we can deliver correctly and on time. As well as our selection of fish, we deliver everthing that the professional fishmonger needs nowadays. Not only from Spakenburg but also from Enschede, meaning that we can also supply the German market.

Werner Larsson Fiskeeksport was established in 1932 and it has been one of Skagens best, most reliable suppliers of fish ever since. We mainly process maties herring and mackerel which be exported to customers in Europe amongst others.

Delivering the finest quality herring and mackerel is the most important condition in our way of working. Top quality fish comes from the cold, clean waters around Denmark. The fish is brought to shore and closely scrutinised by Swedish, Norwegian and Danish fisherman with whom we work together closely. After this, the fish is processed efficiently and professionally and receives an honest product description. Doing this has enabled us to build up a good reputation as a supplier of the finest quality fish products.

During herring season, our modern factory is a bustling hive of activity. All maties herring supplied to the Kennemervis Group comes from Werner Larsson Fiskeeksport. This is done in close collaboration with Astrid-ships with whom we have had a strong relationship for years and this together ensures the tastiest maties herring year after year.

Mayonna produces and sells top quality sustainable fish and delivers this to the domestic retail market as well as the foreign retail market.

We can supply everything to fill the whole fish counter in a supermarket: we don’t just deliver fish, we deliver ‘premium fish concepts’. Services such as market knowledge, shop floor support and product development also form a part of this. Extensive logistical services are also an important part of our activities.

Fishmasters creates processed fish concepts making eating fish easier, healthier and tastier. With our products we want to make the use and consumption of fish more accessible for our customers and ultimately for the consumer.

Craftsmanship is central to the processing and preparing of our products. We do this together with a team of driven and enthusiastic employees who also want to be ahead of the game. At the same time, we are constantly investing in knowledge and technology, which enables us come up with unique solutions in a short space of time and seize opportunities in the market. Cooperation with the customer is central to us. Together we determine which products best suit their specific wishes and needs. With our modern production factility we are in a position to produce high-end products in a flexible and efficient manner.

We want to keep on surprising our customers and stimulate mutual creativity. This leads to the making of beautiful, special products that we can be proud of and that are of course made with respect for people, the sea and nature.