The story of
Eugène Scholten.

If our clients are successful, we are successful

A company without vision is like a ship without a compass. Eugène Scholten, the CEO of Kennemervis Group knows this all too well. His power lies in drawing up a vision and connecting all the people around this vision. Always driven by growth.

“The strategy we have now gives us direction and focus”
From vision to strategy
“Like a house needs foundations to stay upright, a strategy must stay upright just like a house and quality forms the foundations for this. It is indeed a boundary condition for becoming successful.  Nowadays, quality appears in many more ways than it did before. It is now not just about product quality, but demands and opinions from customers, consumers and auditors are taken into account more and also change. We aim for sustainable quality.”

“The foundation of our strategy is based on a number of elements within sustainable quality: buying sustainably, sustainable operations, sustainable logistics and sustainable employees. However, customers, consumers and health also form a pillar. To finish with, we also put our feelers out in society – what is changing and how can we respond? The definition of what is good changes over time. We have been dealing with many of these issues for a long time but now we are making them visible which confirms our ‘licence to operate”. We are going from being unconcsciously competent to being consciously competent.”

“The strategy we have now gives us direction and focus” and we are doing that together. As a group we ebrace the ‘we’ feeling; and then in theory we have the world at our feet. I regularly ask myself: how can we work better with one another? How can we grow into the future? It is down to me to deal with this and give handles to make this happen.”


Distinctive value
“What makes us different is that we know our customers inside out. In other words, being extremely customer focused. What are their needs? Where is there friction? If our customers are successful then so are we. By applying this inside out way of thinking we create distinctive value. Giving love and attention to strategic relationships in the background so that the house – so to speak – can be extended.”

Together stronger, smarter, better
“Our sister companies are becoming more transparent and offer each other a peak behind the scenes.  The cooperation can be even stronger but above all it needs to be meaningful. All of us are allergic to bureucracy but all of us want to create added value. This can happen in the group if it uses everything within its power to work smarter together. We can channel this power in the direction of the customer to make even more of an impact.”

Future vision
“With our passion and knowledge, we want to make fish products more acccessible to a broader group of consumers and markets. That is our vision. Nowadays we serve 6.5 million consumption moments every week. This is already a lot, but of course we want it to increase. As well as this we want to stay humble. Not holding back but a continually searching for improvement. In the more distant future we want to go down in history as a successful company that is admired by everyone; I want to work there.  That is my wish. There is nothing better than being famous for being a shining example.”