The story of
Werner & Mads Larsson.

Sustainable quality

Werner Larsson and son Mads are the driving force behind the eponymous Werner Larsson Fiskeeksport. Based in Skagen (Denmark), they are mainly concerned with the distribution of mackerel and herring. All efforts are focused on the perfect oily fish. Werner tells us about the Danish base that he runs together with his son.

“We were the first in Europe to have MSC certified herring; a year before all the rest.”
“At Werner Larsson there are hectic and quiet periods. The maties herring and mackerel follow on from each other, so from the end of May (once the first herring comes in) unil the end of November (when the last mackerel come in) we work very hard. Sometimes there are a hundred workers on site and sometimes only ten. The Danes are not really herring eaters, but I like eating it myself and I treat my guests to herring on a little piece of toast with a bit of crème fraiche.”

Continuity and quality as a mantra
“Being a driving force is one, but we do it as a team. Without people there is no company. Continuity is a leading factor. We enter into long term relationships, not only with our staff, but also with our clients and suppliers. A partner can always count on us because they know that ‘our word is our word’.”

“We like investing in sustainable relationships. This sustainability also translates to structured operations inside the factory. There is order. We do this by placing demands on the staff, but also by motivating them. Employees need to feel important and then they feel responsible. All products meet set specifications and environmental requirements. Also inside the fishery, they are more aware of the importance of sustainable fish. Luckily I am able to say that the fish from our waters is sustainable, both the herring and the mackerel. A big milestone for us was the MSC certification of the maties herring and that was a while ago. We were the first in Europe to have MSC certified herring; a year before all the rest.”

“Another milestone for us was being awarded the FSSC certication and consequently the quality of our products has been raised to a higher level. My son Mads is right on top of quality. He has contact with suppliers and ensures that the quality of mackerel and herring is guaranteed.”

“These milestones are what keep us afloat. We want to be leaders in quality, product range and market and therefore our demands are high. We are constantly innovating in the high quality of materials, packing and transport to the Netherlands.”

“By buying sustainable fish, we are ensuring that there will still be fish in the future.”

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