• We value sustainable, long term relationships and cooperations more than gains for the short term.

What is important to us?

Passion, respect, customer focus, continuity, being better together: these are our core values.

The pillars of our history are passion, credibility and respect for business partners, colleagues and our products. We value sustainable, long term relationships and cooperations more than gains for the short term. The Kennemervis Group will also build upon these core values for years to come.

Passion for the best out of the sea and the trade
Our roots lie in important fishing villages namely Spakenburg, Urk, Skagen – we grew up fishing. It is not unusual that we are so proud of this beautiful, delicious natural product and of our trade. With us you can taste the enthusiasm in everything that we do. Sometimes we make a bit of a song and dance about it, but we always do it with the right intentions. We keep our knowledge up to date and stay curious about everything of relevance in our field of work. Yes, we are a strong-willed company.

Respect speaks for itself
Reliability is a wonderful thing: we say what we do and we do what we say. We are honest, straight talking, show integrity and accept each other and each other’s opinion. We listen; strive to understand what we don’t know; ask open questions; hold constructive discussions; and enjoy giving and receiving feedback. Sometimes the feedback is very direct, but it is meant well. We really value people saying what they think, or feel or in short, stick your neck out.

Customer focus is a basic attitude
Our customers come first. We want to help them excel and win in their market and with their customers, that’s why we always keep their needs in mind. We do this by being available, approaching and contacting customers ourselves and being proactive when thinking about solutions, ideas for new opportunities. In short, we know our customers inside out and vice versa. We want to exceed their expectations.

Together better, together stronger
How can we be even better? We cannot answer this question if we don’t work together – we cannot do it alone. This means that we sometimes have to show our vulnerable side in order to get better. Ideas and feedback from others are therefore incredibly important and we share these with colleagues and business partners alike. Team performance is more important than individual performance throughout the whole Kennemervis Group. The most important decisions are made together and we ensure that there is a solid foundation to ensure that our processes are carried out without a hitch.

Continuity is what we stand for, now and in the future
Kennemervis Group is a family business and this is noticeable in the way we do business. Being a successful, healthy business is important for all those involved. We work with a plan, know our role and what is important and behave accordingly. We nurture long lasting relations and partnerships and we look after our colleagues and their development. If you take your responsibilities seriously, you can grow and develop with us. We want to be innovative and enterprising, stay alert to changes and opportunities within the market. We want to operate at the lowest possible costs every day but with safety and quality at the forefront of our business. We are always thinking in terms of creating value, not only for today but also for tomorrow and in the future.