• As an organisation we have the responsibility and obligation to treat our planet with respect.

Sustainable quality

Sustainable quality is the essence of our existence. Our company policy is to deliver delicious, safe products with outstanding service while taking care of people and the environment. All our staff are commited to doing this every single day and this is something we value very highly.

We are of course certified meaning that in every sense of the word, we can guarantee food safety and the quality of our products and services. We carry the responsibility of producing the products in such a controlled way that we only deliver safe products.

Our products have a special identity. We strive to deliver as many products as possible which carry the sustainable certification (AMC/MSC). Alongside this we deliver organic and allergen free products and products made from fish with a certain origin (for example, North Sea Fish or Scottish Salmon).

As an organisation we have the responsibility and obligation to treat our planet with respect. We also want to burden the environment as little as possible with our activities. This is reached by using as little energy, water and resources as possible and by dealing with our waste responsibly.

We work with sustainable fish (for example, certified according to MSC, ASC, Global Gap) as much as we possibly can. With this we make use of innovative ideas and other ways of improvement even if they are not linked or associated with a certificate. An example of this is, we buy fish from flyshoot fishery.

We only exist because of our customers, so it is of the utmost importance that we have safisfied customers who stay that way. We achieve this by meeting our direct customer and end user expectations fully.  Keeping in close contact with our customers is paramount in enabling us to be proactive and able to be responsive to their needs. We invest in knowledge and insight in consumer and customer behaviour and with this strive to contribute to a healthier society.

As a company, we stand in the middle of society and we take initiatives at a local level to satisfy our responsibility to society. We are for example the main sponsor of Spakenburg’s local football team – the IJsselmeervogels, a team many of our employees and customers support. The inititiatives take place in and around organisations in our group. This has the additional benefit of employees and locals to become more involved in what we do.

Our employees need to be able to carry out their work in a safe environment – these are the employees that keep our ship afloat so to speak and we keep this in mind when creating production spaces and processes.

Staff satisfaction is also of prime importance. We keep our staff motivated by offering them training, keep them involved in changes and then relate these to the results of our activities. Employees that are performing well are put in the limelight even more.